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All Saints, Maldon

Maldon All Saints
triangular tower (12th Century) south doorway north aisle and tower

  The lovely town of Maldon has three parish churches surviving from medieval times, two of which remain in use today. All Saints is on the High Street, the main parish church of the town. A big, urban church which is noteworthy for having a triangular tower, unique in England. Coupled with the low ceilinged but wide nave, it makes for some very odd views westwards inside.

The best thing about the church from my point of view is the great quantity of early 20th Century glass, some by GER Smith and Laurence Lee. Several people popped in for a few moments while I was in there, and in general this feels like a church which which is well-used and well-loved.

Simon Knott, April 2018


the view west looking east south arcade and triangular tower
angel blessing (FW Cole, 1950) St George of England (AK Nicholson, 1928) St Peter's keys (Laurence Lee, 1977) angel blessing (FW Cole, 1950)
St Peter on the Blackwater with a barge, sailmenders and All Saints and St Peter's churches (Laurence Lee, 1977) Maldon St Peter (Laurence Lee, 1977) mending sails (Laurence Lee, 1977)
firemen in the blitz (GER Smith, 1950) Florence Nightingale (GER Smith, 1950) The Good Samaritan (GER Smith, 1950) a rescue at sea (GER Smith, 1950) hospitality (GER Smith, 1950)
put on the fuil armour of God (Morris & Co, 1920) St Mark (Charles Clutterbuck, 1848) Statue of Liberty welcomes the Pilgrim Fathers (AK Nicholson, 1928) St Joan of Arc (AK Nicholson, 1928) a man lay down his life for his friends (Morris & Co, 1920)
George Washington sworn in as president (AK Nicholson, 1928) agnus dei (FW Cole, 1950) St John (Charles Clutterbuck, 1848) by this cross and sword (AK Nicholson, 1928) be thou faithful unto death and i will give thee a crown of life (Morris & Co, 1920)
St Anthony (GER Smith, 1950) St Nicholas (AK Nicholson, 1928) St Luke (Charles Clutterbuck, 1848) St Luke (GER Smith, 1950)
St George (GER Smith, 1950) Good Shepherd (16th Century Flemish) Christ and the woman taken in adultery (16th Century Flemish) let he who is without sin cast the first stone (16th Century Flemish) royal arms of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour
font sanctuary Stuart Royal Arms

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